The Big Reveal: Fall 2020 OTC Newsletter

The Big Reveal: Fall 2020 OTC Newsletter


It’s been a long… um, year. We hope this finds you and yours well. Like many of you we’ve had our head down helping our clients, becoming homeschool teachers, working on ourselves – you may have noticed we’ve had some work done.

Your Market Watch

You know you can count on us to be watching everything that’s going on out there and give you the deets. Here’s what’s up:

  • The Social Dilemma: Those outside the tech industry are catching wind of the power of social media and the potentially negative effects on our democracy and children. Why is this important? Brands need to be more aware of how they’re talking to their audience, why they’re talking, and messaging that is both socially aware in addition to benefiting the bottom line. Thoughtful marketing is more important now than ever.
  • Rethinking Retail: With the ability to shop in person made more difficult due to the pandemic, many brands are opting for pop-up options for the holidays. Risk is lower with a higher reward. Have you thought about your holiday strategy while in the midst of COVID? Even if physical retail isn’t in the cards this year, there are other ways to break through to your audience.
  • Influencer Backlash: Influencers have been catching some negative attention since COVID hit both from partner brands and their audience. Consumers are fully aware of “pay to play” strategies and weary of becoming clickbait associated with social issues. Strategic partnerships are vital for brands but must be carefully selected with authentic and true partners who value your product and can build a long term relationship.

What We’ve Been Up To:

BigStar: BigStar is an award-winning motion design and graphics studio that is experiencing growth in both talent and project recognition. OTC came on to amplify and define the agency’s brand identity along with expand their reach to new and prospective clients and talent.

  • Brand Identity, Internal and External Messaging
  • Social performance: Organic 20% increase in IG followers, 15K impressions, 7% growth on Twitter and 5% growth on LinkedIn in 5 months
  • Client pitch wins: 2
  • Website Refresh

Lindsay Neuren Group: OTC partnered with leading Austin realtor Lindsay Neuren to amplify the Lindsay Neuren Group brand through a bespoke strategy that focuses on growing their social following on Instagram, developing a robust advertising strategy with print ads and evergreen video content, and strategically crafting brand partnerships with local Austin brands to distinguish and elevate the Lindsay Neuren Group within the crowded realtor space.

  • 15% Social Growth in followers over four months. Ideate content and saw efforts to tailor content to generate sales leads via social saw 1000%+ increase
  • Messaging and tagline creation for Website, Social and Advertising copy
  • Coordinated and creative directed advertisement creation, sourcing agencies for print and video advertising

One Two Collective: Like many clients we work with, 2020 has pushed us to re-evaluate our offerings and ensure that our own marketing strategy makes sense and aligns with the consumer climate we’ve seen shift over the course of the year. We’re still your reliable marketers in residence, we’ve just edited our focus to be what we feel is most relevant to clients today: 

  • Brand Building
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Strategy
  • Experiential & Retail Optimization

These core services can easily bloom into neighboring areas, but focusing on these four areas maximizes marketing spend and gives the highest ROI to our customers. Browse our new site and get acquainted. 

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Strengthening Your Brand to Thrive in a Flooded Market

Strengthening Your Brand to Thrive in a Flooded Market

Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash

Navigating Uncharted Waters

The events of recent weeks have left brands in a tailspin and future challenges will continue to make themselves apparent. As marketers in residence, we’re tasked with helping our clients create and implement strategies that drive demand and loyalty and in trying times like these, we feel it’s important to drop the curtain and help as many people as we can. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing tips for how to strengthen your brand and stand out in a flooded market place.


Top Level Overview

  • Now that you’ve had a moment to pause and reassess the framework of the situation, it’s time to reallocate your ad spend and strategically focus on the right customers.
  • Rebalance your budget. Focus on growth and efficiency in marketing and R&D. Cut back on non essentials like fixed asset expenses or nice to have functions.
  • Over invest in your current customers and new ways to reach them. Ask them what they need from you and make customer service your top priority. Deploy new ways to reach them outside of social media.
  • Share positive stories and information- tell people where you’re at, show your teams that work tirelessly and get no credit. Give a face to the people in your company so that consumers are more likely to support you.

Next, focus on the brand:

  • Think long term. This is an event that will change the way people think moving forward. You’re focusing on digital/social now but, what is your long term strategy for connecting on a human (or in-person) level?
  • Be creative. Content is critical right now. To cut through the clutter, be empathetic to the situation, but find interesting ways to engage with consumers. Advertising prices drop during times of recession (and hopefully the economy will bounce back quickly) so this gives you a unique opportunity to increase your market share. So now might be the time to invest in a new creative strategy. 
  • This is the perfect time to work on your brand messaging and mission. Spend time focusing on your core offerings. Tragedy and the unknown makes consumers more aware of who they invest in, make sure your messaging is authentic and resonates with your audience.
One Two Collective: April 2019 Newsletter

One Two Collective: April 2019 Newsletter

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash
by OTC Staff


Rain showers, allergies, conferences- all the traditional markers of spring are flourishing and we’re popping in to highlight some of the good, the interesting, and the “room for improvement” we’ve seen around the world of consumer experience since we last checked in.

If you’re asking what exactly we mean by consumer experience, then hi, you might be new here. We are marketers who focus on the entirety of your consumer experience, meaning we like every touchpoint of your brand to contribute to a larger, cohesive story. See what we’re thinking around some of the most relevant consumer channels, below. 



Anthropologie has entered the sea of retailers making a push in the plus-sized market. The difference? They’re doing a really good job. Retailers are also starting to evolve their in-store merchandising and engaging elements to create smaller, intimate experiences for shoppers.


Thought Leadership

Shoptalk continues to raise the bar for conferences by assembling a community focused on pushing the envelope for what retail can accomplish. The volatility of the retail industry has forced brands to iterate and do it quickly, a mentality that other industries should be keen to replicate. If you want our (one) two cents, we do think the event could benefit from a few more career-journalists well versed in an editorial style of moderating helming the keynotes and avoiding the scripted, presentation-style talk.



AirBnB is keenly aware that every component of their interaction with a guest is based on their experience throughout the journey- booking through review. While they work out those kinks in the background, they are frontloading their brand with idyllic experiences like this contest giving some lucky duo the chance to spend the night in the Louvre.



The kids are alright. By alright we mean really smart. They know the next trend before you do, and they’re creative as hell. Seriously, did you see this Aliens remake these high school kids in New Jersey did on a $2,000 budget? We just had to shout it out, but the point remains. Your influencer program needs to be airtight and adaptable, just like the consumers you’re trying to reach or it could backfire. We get more into this in the blog below.



Consistency across your content experience is key. Beyoncé dropped the trailer for Homecoming, a new documentary, on Netflix this week and as is her norm, she made quite the splash. Beyoncé markets herself meticulously and the content she expertly releases speaks directly to her audience no matter the medium; rather than a visual album she mixed it up this time creating a documentary following the creation of her headlining performance at Coachella created as an homage to the black college experience.
What is relevant to even us non-Beyoncé’s, though, is that when you’re evaluating the messaging your brand is looking to share, every channel your brand utilizes must work together or you risk sending mixed messages and losing your relevance.
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