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by OTC Staff


Rain showers, allergies, conferences- all the traditional markers of spring are flourishing and we’re popping in to highlight some of the good, the interesting, and the “room for improvement” we’ve seen around the world of consumer experience since we last checked in.

If you’re asking what exactly we mean by consumer experience, then hi, you might be new here. We are marketers who focus on the entirety of your consumer experience, meaning we like every touchpoint of your brand to contribute to a larger, cohesive story. See what we’re thinking around some of the most relevant consumer channels, below. 



Anthropologie has entered the sea of retailers making a push in the plus-sized market. The difference? They’re doing a really good job. Retailers are also starting to evolve their in-store merchandising and engaging elements to create smaller, intimate experiences for shoppers.


Thought Leadership

Shoptalk continues to raise the bar for conferences by assembling a community focused on pushing the envelope for what retail can accomplish. The volatility of the retail industry has forced brands to iterate and do it quickly, a mentality that other industries should be keen to replicate. If you want our (one) two cents, we do think the event could benefit from a few more career-journalists well versed in an editorial style of moderating helming the keynotes and avoiding the scripted, presentation-style talk.



AirBnB is keenly aware that every component of their interaction with a guest is based on their experience throughout the journey- booking through review. While they work out those kinks in the background, they are frontloading their brand with idyllic experiences like this contest giving some lucky duo the chance to spend the night in the Louvre.



The kids are alright. By alright we mean really smart. They know the next trend before you do, and they’re creative as hell. Seriously, did you see this Aliens remake these high school kids in New Jersey did on a $2,000 budget? We just had to shout it out, but the point remains. Your influencer program needs to be airtight and adaptable, just like the consumers you’re trying to reach or it could backfire. We get more into this in the blog below.



Consistency across your content experience is key. Beyoncé dropped the trailer for Homecoming, a new documentary, on Netflix this week and as is her norm, she made quite the splash. Beyoncé markets herself meticulously and the content she expertly releases speaks directly to her audience no matter the medium; rather than a visual album she mixed it up this time creating a documentary following the creation of her headlining performance at Coachella created as an homage to the black college experience.
What is relevant to even us non-Beyoncé’s, though, is that when you’re evaluating the messaging your brand is looking to share, every channel your brand utilizes must work together or you risk sending mixed messages and losing your relevance.
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